Spanking Specs the latest film series featuring hard spanking where you are right in with the action.

I pride myself on being the first one to feature the newest girls on the spanking scene, I have had lots of firsts but now I HAVE SOMETHING TOTALY DIFFERENT!

The world's first SPANKING SPECS, you are going to be amazed at some of the films we have for you we actually put you right there, you are the spanker, it's you with the girl over your knee, it's you paddling her bottom and taking her panties down, very slowly, it's you administering a sound caning to her bare bottom.

No sound other than the reaction from the girls as you spank and punish them. Once you have seen these amazing films you will be hooked. Click below to take a look at the very first film ever made with THE SPANKING SPECS.

We will have a whole season of SPANKING SPECS films on my site very soon. If you have any ideas, any scenes you would like to see then please let me know. You can contact me here and there is a free membership for anyone who's idea I use.

You will see secret filming, the girl does not know she is being filmed, this will be a real life situation, there will be great close up action from an angle you have never seen before. Wheelbarrow spanking as you have never seen it before, my SPANKING SPECS will go where others can't. We will be out in the country spanking naughty ladies, in the backs of cars, we can go where others cant. True POV filming of hard spankings and real punishments, secret watching of punishment scenes. You will be amazed by my SPANKING SPECS