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Naughty housewives wanted for spanking
Bend over for the whip and paddle THE WHIP AND PADDLE
Dressed all in shiny black latex Tanya is about to get her first taste of the whip. It looks tame enough but once the lashes catch all those hidden spots the feeling is intense. This is to be followed by a severe application of the paddle onto her now red and marked bottom, the result is to be expected and we now have one very sorry young housewife.
Tanya punished on her bare bottom
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Hayley gets the paddle I OFFER MY BODY
Hayley has been ordered by her boss to attend his flat that evening for more punishment. She hopes that by dressing sexily and offering her self to him he will let her off the punishment. He does not fall for this and by the end of the evening he has her striped right down and is groping her tits and pussy while he thwacks her bare arse with his leather paddle. Not what she had planed.
Full punishment Play wioth my tits Thrashed till my arse is red
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
The lying secretary spanked THE LYING SECRETARY
Hayley has told lies to get herself a job in this old established office, the boss soon finds out and is none to pleased when she almost loses one of his best customers. As an old fashioned company they have old fashioned ideas and this includes corporal punishment for the female staff. Hayley is about to find out just what this entails.
Bend over the office table
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Tanya bent over the kitchen table I NEED THE PUNISHMENT
Not content with the hand spanking Tanya now decides she needs more in the way of a painful punishment. She is told to bend over the kitchen table, half naked she sticks her bottom into the air and takes the heavy paddle. This is totally different and she feels the pain now. as the paddle goes to work on her tender bottom . Real punishment.
The paddle on her bare bottom
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Spanked in her kitchen SPANKED IN THE KITCHEN
Housewife Tanya feels that she is in need of discipline, she is not the wife she should be and feels that a couple of sessions of spanking will cure her bad behavior. The disciplinarian is only to pleased to be able to bend her over the work top and go to work on her bottom with his hard hand. Is this what she had in mind and will she be able to take the painful spanking being dished out?
A good bare bottom spanking
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Caned side by side MARKED BY THE CANE
Dani Loveday and Sandra are taken from the caravan after having sex together and after being spanked and paddled. They are made to bend over touching their toes for a long and hard caning on their bare and already painful bottoms. Caned first on their own and then side by side their bottoms are left well marked by the caning.
Get ready for the cane Dani Loveday and Sandy are caned Sandy touching her toes
Ladies wanted to film for redstripe films
A double spanking for Ashley SPANKED BY THE PREFECT
When Ashley is caught outside kissing the boys and showing her knickers it is the head boy who reports her to the headmaster. He is then invited by the head to watch the punishment she is to receive and at the end to join ion spanking her bare bottom. The prefect is delighted to do this and Ashley gets a real hard spanking.
Spanked over the knee Spanked by the prefect Get those knickers off
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Sandy & Dani Loveday get the redstripe paddle A REAL HARD PADDLING
Sandy and Dani are in for more punishment, if they thought the bare bottom spanking they have just had was hard then they had reckoned without the use of the redstripe paddle. This wicked thick piece of leather inflicts real pain and markings to there already tender bottoms and no mercy shown in this thrashing.
This is going to hurt my bottom You are next for the paddle Both girls thrashed together
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Two bottoms spanked CARAVAN CAPERS
Sandy and Dani are spending the day in the caravan, husbands are not around so the girls decide to play. Out come the dildos and vibrators and the naughty games start. Husband returns the girls in trouble. Husband decides to send for a mate to sort the two of them out and the fun really starts as they are spanked and spanked damn hard.
Legs spread for fun Dani Loveday spanked Sandy spanked
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Andria knows she is in trouble, she has been out to a spanking party where lots of strange men have spanked her and worse! If she thought that was fun she is now in for the real thing and no mercy will be shown. The Redstripe Paddle and cane will do their work on this naughty teenagers bare bottom and leave their mark.
Teenager paddled Bent over knickers down Spanked on her pussy
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Touching her toes for the cane TEENAGER CANED
When is enough enough? Well we have still to find that out as does this young lady. After her session with the paddle comes a very hard caning on her very firm young bottom. Touching her toes she has to take her punishment without complaint. There is one further surprise in this weeks update, is it a dream or is it for real?
This is going to hurt my bottom I am ready for the cane A well caned bottom
ladies model for redstripe films
When this young lady gets home after a night on the town she does not expect the punishments that are going to be used on her bare bottom. A spanking and then a wicked leather paddle in some of the most revealing positions. She is then made to paddle her own bottom. Hard hitting action as she takes the hardest spankings of her young life
Self spanking her bottom Spanked in the diaper position Bare bottom paddling
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Bent over for the redstripe strap REDSTRIPE PADDLE
I thought it would be great, someone had made a paddle just for my web site, made with my bottom in mind. That soon changed once it was used on me. First on my hands then on my bottom. The strap is thick and heavy and once my bottom was bent over and stuck out the painful paddling started and boy did I feel it. I was paddled till my bottom was bright red and very painful.
Hold out your hand naughty girl The strap on my panties Bent over and the paddle on my bare bottom
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Sandy bent over and spanked STARTING OVER
It has been a long time since I was last spanked but I really feel it is time for me to bare my bottom again to the beautiful feeling I get when a hard hand is spanking me or a leather strap is bringing tears to my eyes. This is a real hard reintroduction to spanking and my bottom was very tender and soon marked up as I bent over to be spanked
Ready for the punishment Pussy on show This is painfull
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Ready for punishment I WANT TO BE PUNISHED
This naughty schoolgirl has been spanked but she must have liked the experience as she is now asking for more. She does not understand that there is a lot of difference between a spanking and the application of the leather paddle, she will soon find out just how painful this can be. Her clothes come off and her bare bottom and pussy are on view as she is punished.
The paddle spanks down Bent over legs spread This paddle does hurt her bare bottom
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Schoolgirl housewife caned SCHOOLGIRL WIFE CANED
Now comes the time when this housewife must be caned. Her husband asks if he can cane her as he wants to give her a particularly hard punishment. She kneels on the bed for the cane and takes a real thrashing. Standing and touching her toes the punishment continues till her bottom is marked with the cane.

Housewife schoolgirl waiting for the cane Knickers down as the cane strikes Touching toes for the cane
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Spanked in the green house HOT HOUSE - HOT BOTTOM
This snooty young girl decides to go out of bounds and give some cheek to the school gardener. She does not recon on his reaction. Throwing her over his potting shed table he spanks her first over her school knickers and then on the bare bottom. A good hard blistering spanking for this out of order young lady.
A cheeky schoolgirl Bend over Spanked on the bare bottom
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Housewife bent over for the crop THE CROP FOR MY WIFE
Things now start to get a bit serious for our spanking housewife, a good spanking and the paddle are one thing but how will she take to the riding crop? Skirt raised and bent over in a chair her bare bottom is subjected to a severe session with the leather crop. This lady just loves to have men bend her over and give her some good hard punishment so enjoy it.
I will show my pussy to you The crop on my bottom Bent over all on display
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Sam bent over the knee and paddled THE LOVE OF SPANKING
This lovely mature lady came along to a hotel to be interviewed about her love of spanking and needless to say she ended up being spanked. In this film Sam has her white knickers removed after a dose of the strap and then gets a very hard strapping on her bare bottom. This lady just loves to be punished and this is her doing just what she loves.
Paddled on white knickers The strap on the bare bottom A hard punishment
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
The housemaid gets her tits and bottom slapped THE MAID IS PUNISHED
After the sex fun it's time to pay the price and the house owner knows just what to do. This lady has never before been punished and her first experience will be a good spanking and a session with the leather paddle. Dresses in a spanking dress her tits and her bottom are paddled and slapped her discomfort is obvious .
Tit punishment Paddled on the bottom Bare bottom slapped
Hard punishment caning of housewives
The maid gets her pussy fucked FUCKING THE MAID
The house owner is away and the gardner decides it will be a great time to give the big titted maid a good fucking. She is soon on her knees sucking his cock and then on top of it bouncing those big tits as her pussy is pounded. She ends up with those tits covered in cum and wandering what will happen if her boss finds out what she has been up to.
Cock sucking housemaid Bend over for the cock Fucked deep in her pussy
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Slut caned on bare bottom THE CANE MARKS HER ARSE
A professional disciplinarian is called in to deal with this slut wife and decides that the cane will be used and used hard, This girl will be caned in every position with the cane catching her most vulnerable areas. If you like to see a caning well delivered then this is the film for you
Bend over for the cane A hard caning Bare bottom punished
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Slut wife bent over and spanked SLUT WIFE PADDLED
After a good spanking this irate guy decides that sterner measures are called for. Half naked Wendy is made to bend over for the paddle. After a real thrashing she is placed in a number of embarrassing positions and given a very hard leather paddling.
Ready for the paddle The strap Bare bottom paddling
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Chinese nurse caned CHINESE NURSE CANED
After repeated bad behavior with the patients and a very poor showing in her exam results it is time for student nurse Song to face the music. The head of the hospital has a wicked looking cane and is going to thrash the nurse with it on her bare bottom.
Knickers off nurse Bend over Bare bottom caned
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Kitchen slut wife spanked KITCHEN SLUT SPANKED
When an irate husband finds his wife is dodging her housework and dressing like a slut he knows just what he has to do about it. Straight over his knee and a good spanking on her panties before they are removed for a blistering bare bottom beating.
A red bottom Knickers down girl Well spanked bottom
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Nurse Song paddled NURSE PADDLED
While giving care to a patient nurse Song finds herself in trouble and is hauled over his bed for a spanking. The doctor soon joins in with a wicked leather paddle and between the two of them give this young Chinese nurse a hell of a beating


Nurse paddled on white panties Bare bottom spanked The paddle on her bare bottom
The doctor can't find the information he needs and nurse is to to blame. Working to improve her English life is about to get tough tough for this young nurse. Never having been spanked she removes her knickers and bends over to be spanked in uniform.

Chinese nurse spanked Oriental nurse paddled Hard spanking for the nurse
Bent over the kitchen table for the leather paddle on her bare bottom THE FINAL PAYMENT
Our housewife thought that she had got off lightly with the over knee spanking and a good fingering of her wet pussy but no. More is demanded for helping her to pay off her debts. This time a well used leather paddle is brought into play and after removing her knickers Shell bends over the kitchen table for a real hard leathering with the paddle turning her bottom a bright red.
A hard leathering Free films Her titts played with
Hard punishment caning of housewives
Over the knee spanking NEIGHBOUR IN DEBT
This mature and not very wise housewife has got herself badly into debt. She invites a neighbor round for a cup of tea and then proceeds to seduce him into lending her money with some very painful consequences for her. Great spanking action.

The sexy housewife Free films at redstripe films Spanked over the knee

Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Thai housekeeper caned on bare bottom THAI HOUSEMAID CANED
After steeling some sex toys from her employers bedroom, housemaid Minx settles down to enjoy herself with some energetic dildo and vibro action. She is caught in the act and retribution is swift and very painful. A severe caning on her beautiful bottom brings the tears to her eyes.

Double dildo in pussy Free films Bent over and caned

Hard punishment caning of housewives
Allison caned hard A SEVERE PUNISHMENT
Allison is set about by a very strict disciplinarian in this amazing film. She has to present her bare bottom for a number of punishments including a spanking, a very hard session with a wooden hairbrush and the cane.

Bent over for the caneFree films at redstripe filmsAllison paddled on her bare bottom

Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Housemaid bent over for the paddle A HARD PADDLING
Minx the housekeeper has not been behaving, she admits to having been out to a night club and to having been messing with some guys. After administering a sharp lesson with the strap there are more admissions to come, she has been sucking the guys cocks as well. This calls for much sterner methods of discipline to be used. After making her remove all her clothes she is bent over the kitchen table and a very long and hard beating with the heavy leather paddle starts. There are some amazing shots as the paddle really does its work on her bare bottom. The punishment continues with Minx being placed in different positions. This lovely young lady really can take a real hard punishment and this is the very first time she has been paddled and strapped.
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Thai housekeeper spanked OTK THAI MAID SPANKED
Minx by name and as it turns out Minx by nature, we soon discovered that when we started making our film with this lovely Thai girl. This was to be her very first spanking film, now her English is not too good but she most certainly understood when we told her that not only were we going to spank her but we would paddle and cane her as well. She loved the idea and could not waite to get started. So to the film, Minx comes for the job of housekeeper in a home where discipline is the norm for the female inhabitants. It is pointed out to her that any transgression of the rules will result in strict discipline and immediate punishment. To make sure that she understands she is placed straight over the knee and her first spanking is given. We know you will love this girl.
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Dani Loveday bent over for a hard caning PHOTO STUDIO CANING
After being discovered having sex with the studio photographer it is decided that Dany Loveday will be able to continue with her audition for a spanking film. The studio owner also has it in mind to use this occasion to lay some really hard punishment onto Dani. She just does not suspect what is about to happen to her as she bares her bottom for what she thinks will just be an ordinary audition spanking. First of all the large leather paddle does its work on her tender bottom, it soon turns bright red as the paddle strokes fall one after the other. Every inch of her very spankable bottom is covered. Next it's the turn of the cane to do its work and the strokes are applied accurately and very hard in this long caning session. Dani Loveday is well punished.
Hard punishment caning of housewives
The caning of Jay Walker THE CANING OF JAY WALKER
It is now time for the final punishment that has been agreed upon for Jay Walker. This girl’s attitude makes it obvious that the previous punishments, spanking and the paddle and strap have had absolutely no effect on her at all. She is to be taken outside; maybe the fresh wholesome air will make her see the error of her ways. She removes her school skirt and knickers and bends over the table. After a lecture on behavior the caning starts. Full bloodied strokes delivered by the strong arm of the principle using the senior girls cane should help Jay to see the error of her ways.The bare bottom of Jay Walker turns red as the strokes hit hard onto her already well spanked skin, her bottom is soon marked by the cane. A great film series.
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Dani Loveday gets fucked THE PHOTO STUDIO
It's not every day that our photographer Karl gets the chance of a quick shag while he is working. When young Dani Loveday came into the studio and said she was there for the audition our mad togs mind started working and soon came out with a way to combine his love of taking pictures with his natural desire to get his leg over this sexy lady. After some initial posing he produced a glass dildo and asked Dani if she would pose with that, she was more than happy to oblige and it was not long before she was as horny as Karl. It was no surprise to anyone when she agreed to pose with his cock inside her and well one thing soon leads to another and she found herself getting the best shag she had for years. BUT, there was a price to be paid for that loss of inhibitions. Great action film with loads of cum.
Mature housewife spanking and caning films
Sandra bends over for the cane A CHOICE OF CANES
I new that at sometime the discussion would come around to the new canes I had brought from the online company. I don't really know what made me buy canes, especially such nasty looking ones as these, a complete range of types in fact. I now realize I was rather stupid, this was asking for trouble in a big way and yes I sure got it. It was decided that not one but all the canes would be used on my poor bottom, that was after I got a few strokes on my hands. I started with the lightest one, I thought that would not hurt, wrong! It did sting like hell but that was just the warm up. By the time he got round to the full weight senior girls cane, a dragon, he was in full swing and had deadly aim. All my bottom was caned and I can tell you it almost brought the tears to my eyes.
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Sandy having her bare bottom spanked THE NEW TOYS
For a long while now I have been wanting some new toys, no not dolls but vibros and dildos and other things a girl who is into the spanking scene has a need for. Well I sent off for them and was a bit surprised at the reaction from everyone else. They seemed to think I had been extravagant and had over spent, for myself I just could not wait to try them out. Anyway, the purchase of these toys was to result in a very painful spanking for me. I am not keen on being spanked, I do get a real thrill from the cane but a good hand spanking really hurts and I was made to bend over and stick my bottom up for a real hard and long spanking. After the spanking I do get to show you just what one of the vibros can do then! It was decided that I was to get another spanking even harder this time.
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Sandy gets the school cane HARD SCHOOL CANING
It is turning out to be a very bad day for housewife spanking star Sandy. After a hard day at work she comes home to find that she has to take on the roll of naughty school girl. Sandy readily admits that as a girl she was never caned and just the thought of bending over with her short school skirt raised and her white knickers stretched tight over her firm bottom makes her tremble a little. The actuality is far worse though. After a few strokes the knickers come down and the cane is allowed to do its work on that bottom. There are caning's and caning's and this is a particularly hard one, certainly the hardest that Sandy has ever had and her bottom is left very well marked with the cane lines. A real hard hitting film and a sexy set of stills in this weeks update.
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Sandy punished on bottom and tits MY TITS PUNISHED
I had made the mistake of asking my members what they wanted to see happening to me. After deleting the too way out requests and those which were impossible it was decided that the most popular was to see me having my quite big nipples attended to. This is something I have always dreaded and was not looking forward to. As the nipple clamps were put on to my sensitive tits the pain was intense but I had no choice but to take it. Then just to make things worse I was told to stand still while the riding crop was used on my bottom, this really made my tits bounce and the clips bit into my nipples. After this it was time for my punishment and once again this was done with the riding crop onto my red and painful bottom.  
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